Will this fit to my motorcycle?

Fits all motorcycles with lower clamping points. An L shaped metal extender needed if you have side clamping points. You can get it in any hardware store.

What are the kit made of?

The body is high quality 1.5mm thick laser cutted inox steel, the screws are A2-inox as well (100% anticorrosive).

Is it waterproof?

Yes, its IP54. (dust and splashing of water protected)

What are the dimensions/specifications of the flipper?

The new dimensions are: 130mm (5.11 inch) width * 40mm (1.57 inch) height * 60mm  (2.36 inch) depth.
Operating voltage: 12V
Weight: 400gr (14.1 oz)

Could someone manually flip it?

When the power is on, it cannot manually moved. See the video on the front page.
The servo is very strong, and it has metal servo arm. They hold the plate very strong if its power on.

What color is the LED light?

It is bright white (ice blue).

Can I see the inner parts?

No, those are totally covered. Invisible if the plate is in normal position (down).

Is top and bottom stop adjustable?

It is not adjustable because the program in the servo controller is fixed. So the up/down angle is fixed around 80 degrees. However, you can still adjust the rotation with nuts in the front and back of the flipper itself. If you put nuts on the front, the whole thing will rotate counter clokwise and so the up position of the flipper will go higher. And so is the reverse…

Can I attach the rear signals to the flipper?

You need to open the flipper and drill holes on both sides to fix the signals. It is not pre-drilled because not everyone put signals on it.

Could it suck my battery?

The device will not drain your battery at all, the servo consumes power only during operation, and when the LED lights.

What are eyelet to eyelet distances for fixing up the plate on the flipper body?

Eyelet to eyelet distance is varying between 44 mm and 77 mm. Its up to you what you choose…

What are eyelet to eyelet distances for fixing up the flipper body on the motorbike body?

Eyelet to eyelet distance is varying between 52 mm and 95 mm both the upper and back side of the flipper. Its up to you what you choose…

Do you offer any kind of guarantee on the plate flippers?

Within 90 days from shipment
Policy: Upon being returned, the defective item will be repaired. Return shipping fee will be sole responsibility of customer.
Exception on warranty: when damaging/destroying parts (eg: upon drilling on the plate). There is possible to repair such destroyed items too, in this case service fee will apply.